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What are the early signs of product market fit for Savvy's offering?

Ritik Malhotra

Co-founder & CEO at Savvy

We're actually in the process of undergoing an acquisition of a firm right now. The firm’s primary advisor has seen the different models of how wealth management firms can be built, and there was a lot of vision alignment early on with what he believed the future of the industry was trending towards and what we’re doing at Savvy. We've collected approximately ~80 hours worth of direct consulting time with him to validate every single part of the day-to-day operational workflows of a wealth manager, understand where technology can be applied to automate or improve parts of it, and what we can build in the future. Beyond that, we have over ~20 individual advisors that we’re in various phases with to breakaway from their existing firms and transition to Savvy. These advisors share the technology-enablement of the industry thesis too.

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