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Is Compound competition to Savvy for serving startup employees/founders and how does Savvy see the landscape of tech-enabled wealth management?

Ritik Malhotra

Co-founder & CEO at Savvy

I think Compound is a phenomenal company. It’s not competitive, though, because it's a completely different model. The go-to-market motion is really key here. We might be building similar tools on the backend, but our go-to-market actually positions us as competitors closer to one of the aggregators in the RIA space, rather than some of the Compounds of the world. 

In terms of the landscape of tech-enabled wealth management, there's two ways to slice it. There's quite a number of startups in the space of building software. They look like enterprise SaaS, effectively. Vise is a popular one on the investment management side, and there’s a number of other software providers there. Then there's the full-stack “I'm a wealth management firm that is technology-enabled,” which kind of looks and runs like a tech company. We think there’s actually very little activity there, so that's really the area we're going after. Obviously, Compound is one approach, and I think we have another interesting one that differs in go-to-market approach.

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