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How is Savvy addressing liquidity concerns for pre-IPO employees and founders?

Ritik Malhotra

Co-founder & CEO at Savvy

Before starting Savvy, the original thesis was actually that this might be an interesting way to approach the market. But we did not go down this route, and we don't think it'll be a core internal competency for us to be the underwriter and extend these loans. At the same time, we do think we’d probably take a close partnership approach with the Quids and Secfis of the world. What that might look like in the future is that, first off, we have access to employees and can peer into Carta, Pulley and other accounts to see what the shares look like. Then, can we have direct access into the secondary platforms, like Forge and EquityZen, to understand where the market’s trading at and if there’s liquidity opportunity. The third piece is looking at whether there is liquidity from a loan perspective for option exercising. That's not on the roadmap, but it’s what we’ve spec’d out in our heads for how we would think about it if we did it. Again, this is much more forward-looking.

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