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How does Alloy approach customer acquisition, including use of Shopify App Store and other channels to reach potential customers?

Sara Du

Co-founder & CEO at Alloy

The Shopify App Store point is pretty funny, because there's been a lot of heat just this week on Twitter. I don't know if you saw, but they did a massive UI change. Shopify is having an AMA tomorrow because a lot of developers are unhappy after seeing dips in installs.

It’s just not a great place to do distribution anymore. If you go on today, you’ll see Facebook and Google at the top, which doesn’t make sense if you want to improve app discoverability. 

In general, we prefer to go after SEO and owned acquisition channels. We love producing content on the ecommerce tech stack at large, since it brings merchants into our orbit and we can then get them thinking about how automation can apply to their stores.

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