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What is Sydecar's vision for its future, and how might it shape the venture investing landscape in five years?

Nik Talreja

Co-founder & CEO at Sydecar

If everything goes well at Sydecar, in five years there will be thousands of investors who have transacted on Sydecar’s rails without even realizing it. But since the investment is managed on Sydecar, you have a chance of actually creating liquidity for yourself. That's because we've made for a more frictionless actual liquid market within the private ecosystem that cannot exist without standardization.

The one thing I would add is nothing we do at Sydecar can be done by any one person. Our greatest asset is truly our team. We were at an offsite last week and the energy from our team was incredible. We all love this crazy vision that only so many people in the world can even understand. That makes me so happy. That's what gives us the power to get to this vision in five years—it's the team. We have a remarkable team

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