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What is Sydecar's business and what products or services does it offer?

Nik Talreja

Co-founder & CEO at Sydecar

Sydecar, in brief, is an on-ramp for emerging venture capitalists. 

I think of the term “emerging venture capitalist” pretty loosely. To me, it means anyone that may be starting their first syndicate, their first fund, or building a business that is adjacent to capital deployment in the VC ecosystem and wants to participate in transactions. They could even be a large institution that just hasn't previously touched alternative assets or venture capital as an asset class for its clients. 

For anyone emerging into VC investing, we're creating the infrastructure for them to start a business, deploy capital, and manage investments. We take care of all of the background, whether that's entity formation, banking, compliance, tax, and all the nuances that honestly, no one wants to think about.

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