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What does the future look like for enterprise video solutions, and how is Mux thinking about filling any gaps or addressing unmet needs in the space?

Adam Brown

Co-founder at Mux

Adam: Maybe the best way to talk about this is that there's a different segmentation that we've identified on the video product. Obviously, we're focused on developers, and we want that developer in his basement that's working on his app in his spare time and wants to put video into it to find us. That's a very big focus. Then, when you look at enterprise and the really big contracts, we've got a lot of features and things to build to get there.

In the middle, there's an interesting distinction that we make between media and tech companies: media being more along the lines of the HBOs and things like that, and tech being more like -- Robinhood is a good customer example for us. They're a tech-first company but they've decided to bring in video for strategic bits. They're technically very competent. They build a lot of software. We just want to find ways for them to build better experiences with video.

That segment has been really, really strong for us. We see a lot of parallels between that and the solo developer or founder. A lot of the ways that you find your way into those companies is some development team is tasked with adding video and they don't really understand the full scope of that, and one of the developers finds us and brings us in. That's been really successful.

When you get into the media side, where they start out with a big requirements list for the video side of things, ideas like captions and maybe DRM and all of these more complex things -- that's the place we're working towards now. But the tech industry and specifically user-generated content has really been where we focused on.

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