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What are the key customer profiles and use cases for Levity's product?

Thilo Huellmann

Co-founder & CTO at Levity

We focus on the non-technical people that want to (or have to) solve these kinds of problems by themselves. The types of organizations we're targeting have between 100 and 1,000 full-time employees and are fairly digitized. These aren’t companies that still work with pen and paper, but ones that have already automated most processes that can be automated in a rule-based way.

Many of them are very familiar with tools like Zapier already, but they're stuck when there's unstructured data. Often times they never thought about automating it because they thought it was not possible for them. 

The type of person we look at probably leads a small team and considers themselves to be a “process owner” in that team. They’re constantly looking for ways to optimize their processes and operations to make their team more efficient. It could be someone like a Head of Marketing or Operations, for example.

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