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Is facilitating secondary liquidity a major part of Sydecar's vision, and how significant is this opportunity for the company's growth and success?

Nik Talreja

Co-founder & CEO at Sydecar

I think it's the holy grail. I think the market needs is a true sense of what liquidity could look like. Whether or not Sydecar is enabling it from a marketplace standpoint is besides the point. But there’s no question that there needs to be a place where there's adequate information to transact in an efficient way in private markets. Without true liquidity, there's a natural cap to people who are willing to take the risk.

Liquidity will help bring more players into the market - from retail to high net worth to family office to institutional investors. More players in the market is good for innovation.

The future, I think, is a lot more real-time, getting in, getting out, getting in, getting out and the only way to make that happen is with what we're building at Sydecar. That's what I'm really passionate about seeing it come to fruition.

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