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How does Sydecar differentiate itself from other companies in the space, such as Assure, Allocations, Flow, and Vauban?

Nik Talreja

Co-founder & CEO at Sydecar

It comes down primarily to standards in our approach. You come to Sydecar because you are willing to accept that Sydecar's way of transacting, because you value the efficiency it creates. It's like using Stripe versus the hundreds of different card processors that preexisted Stripe for ecommerce. When you leverage Stripe, you know exactly what to expect, the user experience is great, and things happen the way you want it to happen. 

We're positioning ourselves almost as this Stripe contender versus “Hey! Build your own, bring your own. We'll just modify your website to enable ecommerce or payments for your website.” Honestly, that rings true for how we think about the business as we go from here including our fund product, our enterprise partnerships, our API, and white label.

We don't rely on hundreds of people to run our business. We rely on a product to do so. Come tax season, you don't need to worry about your investors receiving K-1s on time, because those forms are just generated by the product. That's what everyone really cares about and that's why we win business against our competitors. Whether it's a first time fund manager running a $25,000 deal or a large fund running a $100 million SPV, they want the exact same thing. They really believe in us as people, in the product we built, and the standards that we are championing.

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