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How does Mux's positioning in the video technology stack relate to other players, such as Cloudflare, Bitmovin, and Twilio's video API?

Adam Brown

Co-founder at Mux

Adam: They're more right there alongside of us. But they're also serving very different needs. They are more specialized in certain areas today for the most part. They're picking off one piece of it and doing those well. I think where we see ourselves going is really more of, "How do we cover the full spectrum of video and do it in a way that is super developer-friendly and, ultimately, not need any sort of video expertise on the customer's team?"

The best parallel I can draw to this is, if you look back 15 or 20 years when AWS came out and people started moving things to the cloud, people still had sys admins and people racking, stacking servers on their teams. Nobody is doing that today as a startup. But today, there are still people bringing in video expertise to their teams at a very early stage in order to build some of these new and unique video experiences. That's what we want, that same kind of play. Like, "You don't need that. It's on your team. We have all the tool set that you need to fully build out your video experience."

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