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How does Mux position itself in relation to competitors like Vimeo, Wistia, and other video platforms as it expands?

Adam Brown

Co-founder at Mux

Adam: It's more the latter. We strongly feel, and we do see, that the pie is expanding. Every app today has some sort of video component to it and we only see that getting bigger.

I think the distinction that we would draw between some of those tools and us is we feel like we sit at a slightly different abstraction layer. You look at AWS at the lowest level: they have a lot of tools to put all of these things together. You still need a lot of video expertise on your team to do that. You need a video engineer that knows how to set this encoding setting or how to store and what CDN to hook up. Then you've got the ones that you've mentioned that are sitting at a slightly higher place in the stack where you don't necessarily need as deep of a technical integration. You can maybe click a couple buttons and wire it up to your other systems, but you lose some flexibility.

It really is a battle of the abstraction layers. We obviously run into those companies in sales and probably will continue to more as we expand what we're doing. But right now I think we really do feel like we're playing the abstraction layer at a slightly different spot than them.

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