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How did prior experience building video tech (Video.js) influence Mux's founding?

Adam Brown

Co-founder at Mux

Adam: The most obvious influence is that's where we all met, so there's that.

For each different piece of building a company -- when we worked at Brightcove, we worked on very different things. I've always worked more on the infrastructure side of things: I ran the live video architecture there and built out a lot of the cloud services and things like that. Some of the other founders, Matt and Steve, were working more on the Video.js side. The product that we worked on there was Zencoder along with Video.js, and both of those products were really developer-first products: Zencoder being an API to transcoding and Video.js being at the forefront of what developers are interacting with as they're building out the video player side of things.

I think that influenced or just brought to light how much we valued that developer experience. We've always worked on developer-first products and, being developers ourselves, see the value in what we could bring to the video market from that perspective. And taking some inspiration from other companies, we look a lot at Stripe and Twilio and folks like that who have done similar things in the space: targeting developers first and building products around the developer as the go-to-market strategy.

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