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Do Levity's customers import their data through self-serve or contacting Levity?

Thilo Huellmann

Co-founder & CTO at Levity

In the beginning, we handled it manually for a lot of people and learned a lot from that.

Now, we have built the integration into the workflow. If, for example, you want to import data from historic emails on your Gmail but you want to import a certain type of email where you've maybe tagged yourself or that follows certain rules, then, you would get an interface where you could query Gmail as one of the services and get a list of historic emails. You could then take the body of these emails and import it into Levity. That’s one example. 

But we’re building the same for things like CRMs, cloud storage providers and other systems of record. It's basically self-serve, so, you would say, "I want Levity to be able to read my files on Google Drive." You’d connect and then, select the files that you wanted to import and move it to our servers.

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