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Tavus is an AI avatar infrastructure and API company.





Tavus is an AI research company and developer platform that enables developers to integrate its state-of-the-art AI avatar technology into their applications.

By providing access to advanced machine learning models for video generation, Tavus allows companies to create personalized, interactive video experiences at scale without needing to build the underlying technology themselves.

Tavus' APIs can be used to generate talking head videos from just a photo and text script, enabling use cases like personalized sales outreach, localized marketing content, and custom e-learning videos. The platform also supports real-time dubbing of existing videos into multiple languages, making it easy to reach global audiences.

Rather than building consumer-facing products directly, Tavus focuses on being the best-in-class provider of AI avatar technology. The company invests heavily in research to continually improve the realism, expressiveness, and efficiency of its models.

Business Model


Tavus operates as an API platform, providing AI avatar generation and video creation capabilities that developers and businesses can integrate into their own applications. The company makes money by charging customers based on their usage volume of the various Tavus APIs.

Tavus offers four pricing tiers suited for different customer needs:

Starter ($1/month): An entry-level plan for developers to test out the APIs. Includes 300 avatar generation tokens per month but no ability to create custom personal avatars or stock avatars. Videos are limited to 1 minute each and 3 minutes total per month.

Hobbyist ($39/month): For casual exploratory use. Includes 2,500 avatar tokens per month, access to stock avatars, and the ability to create 3 personal avatars. Videos can be up to 5 minutes each with a 25 minute monthly total limit.

Business ($199/month): Designed for production use within an application. Comes with 15,000 monthly avatar tokens, stock avatars, and 7 personal avatars. Supports videos up to 5 minutes each and 150 minutes total per month.

Enterprise (custom pricing): A fully-featured plan for large-scale AI video adoption. Includes unlimited avatar tokens (100 tokens = 1 minute of video) and personal avatars, stock avatar access, and custom video length limits.

The company also gates access to certain higher-value features in its upper service tiers. For example, only Business and Enterprise customers can generate personal avatars (digital doubles of real people).


HeyGen + Synthesia

HeyGen and Synthesia are indirect competitors in the AI avatar video generation market, offering SaaS tools for users to create realistic AI-generated videos.

Both platforms provide user-friendly interfaces, a wide range of AI avatars, voices, and languages, as well as customizable video templates for different use cases like sales, marketing, learning & development, and onboarding.

Generative AI video companies

As an infrastructure and research company in the AI avatar space, Tavus sees itself as competing more with the limits of what's possible technologically rather than any specific company.

While generalized AI video generation platforms like Runway's "Gen-1" may converge with avatar technology in some ways (e.g. inserting avatars into scenes), Tavus believes there are important architectural differences that make avatars a distinct research problem requiring specialized models.

TAM Expansion

Tavus envisions a future where AI avatars are ubiquitous and transform how we communicate digitally. Some key expansion opportunities the company sees:

- Proliferation of avatars across industries and use cases (sales, education, entertainment, etc.)

- Localization/translation to serve global markets

- Enabling avatars to converse more naturally and act dynamically on a user's behalf

- "Convergence" with generative AI to power end-to-end video creationNew interaction paradigms and experiences enabled by avatars

Longer-term, Tavus aims to be a foundational platform layer powering digital twin experiences across the ecosystem. The company believes having AI replicas to act on our behalf and communicate with each other will fundamentally transform human-computer interaction. By leading the way in avatar R&D and platformization, Tavus is well-positioned to capture this opportunity.


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